Preview: Euros Road Race

Cycling: 51th Tirreno - Adriatico 2016 / Stage 2

The Euros race of the men will be the highlight and last race. The riders will tackle a course, which is 20,1km long. There are no real challenges on the course and only the wind might be a danger for the riders. They have to ride the course 12 times, which makes a hard 241,2km route in the end. The weather will be a cold summer day (at least for my German standards) at 17 degrees, but there is no rain expected. The wind and therefore echelons will play an important role here.

I’ll now have a look on Team Germany and Team Norway again. I’m fairly disappointed by what the German team has to offer here. Pascal Ackermann, Marco Mathis and Nico Denz are the only WT riders and the first two are neo-pros. Ackermann will sprint for Germany, but in such a long race, I don’t think he has a chance to come near the podium. Name me a country, which has more top sprinters who could win here. I think that course would be a chance for Germany to win the Euros here, but I can’t expect anything by this young team.

The Norwegian team is no doubt one of the favourite here.  In Edvald Boasson Hagen and Alexander Kristoff, you have two very strong sprinters, who could both win here and Bystrøm, Enger, Korsæth, Hoelgaard and Jansen are WT riders, who will support them. There is only Jensen, who rides not on WT level, but he has good results on CT level. Norway has a very strong team, but I have some doubts that Boasson Hagen or Kristoff would work for the others. I think if both try to go for their own glory, neither will win. At the offered odds, I’d still think Boasson Hagen has some value at 9, as he can do well in a sprint after a hard race. Kristoff at 3,75 is too short for me.

As the wind will be strong in Herning, I’d also like to point at the Belgians, which should handle the wind very well.  I think Jens Debusschere could really do well after a hard race like that. 34 looks strong for him.

I’ll also back one big outsider with Ahmet Örken. He has no big chances of making the podium, but at the offered odds, you shouldn’t expect too much anyway. However, the young Turkish sprinter did well in the Tour of Qinghai Lake with 2 stage wins and the win of the points jersey. I think the race is too long for him and he might lack having the legs in the end, but he is my outsider here.


Boasson Hagen 0,5pt| 9 | 888Sport

Debusschere EW | 0,25pt + 0,25pt | 34  | bet365

Örken Top 3 | 0,03pt | 126888Sport

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