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This year, the Euros are in Herning, Denmark. Overall I’m not sure, if bookies will offer anything else than Elite Men ITT and Road Race, but I’d be also happy about U23 odds. However, the ITT course for the men is 46km long (which can be considered as long). The profile on the euroroads17 website looks slightly hilly, but this is only because the scale is so low. The lowest part is around 40m high, while the highest around 70m and I think that should tell you, that there are no hard climbs. The starting list is not so strong and a lot of riders are missing, which makes Maciej Bodnar the favourite here, after his brilliant performance in the last ITT of the TdF. The course there was different of course, but still showed, that Bodnar has some form. The main part of the route is only straight forward, so power is more important than technique in my opinion. There is honestly not too much to say about the route, as its overall flat.


But I’ll point out the German riders (my country) and the Norwegian riders (Tippenett’s country). From Germany, there are Dominic Weinstein (Rad-Net Rose Team CT) and Marco Mathis (Katusha-Alpecin WT). Weinstein was 9th in the German ITT championship with a deficit of 4:17 on Tony Martin and Marco Mathis was 6th there with a deficit of 3:12. The guys are only 22 and 23 years old, so can’t expect too much of them. Mathis won the U23 ITT World Championships last year and that was probably the reason, why he has earned himself a pro-contract. Weinstein’s contract expires this year, so this Euros might be a chance for him, to earn a pro-contract. Mathis could probably get a Top 10 spot in the end, can’t see that for Weinstein. Both should not have the chance to win or make the podium, as the ITT is too long for both of them. It’s a real pity, that Daniel Westmattelmann, who is maybe the best ITT rider on continental level crashed last week and therefore can’t compete here. He would’ve better chances than Mathis and Weinstein, even though I couldn’t see him winning either.


Now I’ll come to the Norwegian riders. There are Truls Korsæth (Astana WT) and Edvald Boasson Hagen (Dimension Data WT). Two totally different riders for me.  Korsæth is only 23 and I can’t even imagine in Top 10 to be honest. 10th this year and 9th last year in Norwegian ITT championship seems not to be enough for me, to do well here, as the start list was full of CT riders and only Boasson Hagen was a WT rider. Boasson Hagen has some chances to do well here and is the best Norwegian ITT rider. The Norwegian ITT champion is not someone where I’d think he has what it takes to win, but he is a sure Top 10 candidate for me and even has the chance for the Top 5, if he still has his TdF form.

After that I’ll point to the weather. If you start later, you have a bigger chance that the rain is gone.

Finally I’m here with my bet. It will be an outsider bet, as the rain could cause some chaos. The second last starter is Anthony Roux from France. He is definitely not one if the favourites, but because of the weather, he could have a chance to surprise. He was 5th in last year’s European Championship, so why shouldn’t he make it on the podium here? It’s surely not likely, but at 81, I have to take that. I hope that the odds survive till the preview is only, but I think everything over 20 could be worth it.


Anthony Roux Top 3 0,25pt 81 888Sport

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