Preview: Clasica San Sebastian

Last years winner, Bauke Mollema, crossing the finish line.

The Clásica San Sebastian is a race, which will happen in the Basque country. Winners of this race from the current peloton are Valverde (2008, 2014), L.L.Sanchez (2010, 2012), Kreuziger (2009), Gilbert (2011), Gallopin (2013), A.Yates( 2015) and Mollema (2016).

The start is just like the finish in San Sebastian and the race has a length of 231km. There are 8 climbs to be conquered and these climbs are not one with a huge length, however there are some steep sections on it. I’ll present you the hardest climbs of this course, which could cause a difference. The first harder climb is the Iturburu at km 60 with 3,5km at 5% to climb. After that there is a long break with the harder climbs and the Jaizkibel comes with 7,8km at 5,8%. That riders need to climb that two times and it’s at 137 and 178km. Another important climb is the Murgil Tontorra. It is only 2,5km, but at an average of 9% with some parts at 20%, you can really make a difference here. This climb ends at km 223,9, which mean it’s only 7,1km till the finish line. Will someone be able to make the difference? The last time it was a sprint with 2 or more riders was in 2011, so the rider with the best legs might be able to attack on the Murgil Tontorra to drop everyone else. The descent ends with 3km to go and the road will be flat then. There are two left turns with 500 and 300m to go, but that are the only challenges in the last kms. As there will be only one or a handful of riders to arrive together and fight for the win, that shouldn’t cause any problem.



We’ll see Haimar Zubeldia in his last race here. The 40 year old Basque is a pro since 1998 and has the honour to finish his career and will even ride through his home town Usurbil. Even though I doubt he wins, it will be quite emotional for him.
Now the most interesting part for most of you: the betting. Kwiatkowski as a favourite is okay and understandable, but will he really be the Sky leader? I wouldn’t rule out if he is “only” co-leader with Landa. That’s the reason why I won’t go on Kwiatkowski here. Rather I think it’s Simon Yates, who will get the glory here. The Tour was hard for Yates, but he had a few days to recover and the course should be well for him. If S.Yates has recovered well from the Tour, he could win like his brother Adam in 2015. Attention: please look that you bet on Simon, not Adam, as I wouldn’t be surprised that at least one bookie will mess it up. However, this is not a race where I’d go for a big stake, as a lot of things are possible.
S.Yates EW @19 0,25pt+0,25pt  bet365

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