Preview: Tour de Pologne

Sagan won in 2011, can he do it again this year?

The Tour de Pologne has 7 stages from the 29th July till the 4th August. As the race was last year while the Tour was on and it’s this time after the Tour is done, the starting field looks quite interesting.

Active riders who won this race are D.Martin (2010), P.Sagan (2011), Moser (2012), Weening (2013), Majka (2014), I.Izagirre (2015), Wellens (2016).

For the first time since 2012, there will be no ITT as the last stage. Also there was always a last stage which ended in Krakow, but this year, we’ll have a first stage in Krakow, while the last stage is the queen stage. The stage profiles by the organisers looks like we’re somewhere in the Ardennes, but that’s not the case. Because of this, it’s not too easy to tell you the outcome for every stage, but I’ll still give you an insight about my opinion. It’s not planned to do stage previews, so this will probably be the only article about the Tour de Pologne.

Stage 1: Start and finish is in Krakow and it’s 130km long. There are some hills, but it should end in a bunch sprint.
Stage 2: Start in Tarnowskie Góry, finish in Katowice at 142km length. Also has some hills, but again nothing what should be too hard. I’d expect a bunch sprint again.
Stage 3: A first real test for everyone, who wants to win the Tour de Pologne. Stage will go from Jaworzno to Szczyrk and is 161km long. The riders have to ride the climbs Salmopol and Zameczek twice. The finish will also be uphill with the last km with 10,9% in average!
Stage 4: Long stage with 238km from Zawiercie to Zabrze. No hard climbs to ride, a bunch sprint is the most likely scenario.
Stage 5: Stage will go from Olimp Nagawczyna to Rzeszów and is only 130km long. There will be several hills to conquer and sprinters should be dropped by the look on that profile. The finish will be flat, but it will be a reduced sprint.

Stage 6: Start is in Wieliczka Salt Mine and the finish in Zakopane. The stage is 189k long and has lots of climb to cover in the second half. The second half has also lots of points where the route is over 1000m. The last km is not really uphill, but I guess there won’t be too many riders together when they’ll fight for the stage win.
Stage 7: The absolute queen stage. Only 132km long from Bukovina Resort to Bukowina Tatrzanska, but 6 first category climbs + the summit finish. The last 3km are 8,1% steep in average, so definitely not an easy stage. The stage winner could also be the GC winner, depends if a break has a chance and how the GC looks before the stage.

Peter Sagan @51 0,25pt 888Sport
Sagan is offered at 4,33 with Bet365. A little difference, huh? I think the profile of the Tour de Pologne is looking harder than it actually is and if you look on their website on the profile and on left on the height, you see it just looks crazy because of the scale. Sagan could also get bonus seconds and that makes him a dangerous GC contender here. I wouldn’t back him at the offered 4,33 at Bet365, but everything which is 20+ might be worth it. Sagan will probably be angry after he got sent home in the Tour, so be sure that he’ll bounce back here!

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